1, 2, 3, Breathe

I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head chopped off. Eeewwwww… that’s gross.
Why do people say that? Why did I just say that? Why aren’t I deleting that? Eewww..

But I have been insanely busy and trying desperately to move forward without falling too far behind at the same time. It seems like for every thing I attend to there are 3 other things I am neglecting.

Last week I had to force myself to have a time-out and as lovely as it was, I spent half of it stressing myself out about all the things I should have been doing instead.

This weekend’s show was a brilliant success. The audience was fantastic and so were all the acts. Backstage was great heaps of fun too. It was a win-win-win.

The fabulous Peter J. Radomski jumped in and assisted me with one of my acts at the last minute and he was hilarious and perfect and I am ever grateful to him.

This weekend, my lovely friend Val put me in touch with a couple who are were looking for tenants for their newly vacant duplex. As a result, I won’t spend the next two weeks frantically searching for a home.

I can’t even begin to express how much stress that lifts of my tired little shoulders.

My energy can be focused on making room for what lies ahead. I mean this in a spiritual/emotional way of course but also a physical one. I reeeeeeeeeeally can’t drag everything I own from this house to the next one. Some serious purging needs to happen. Stat.

Yesterday I assigned myself the task of choosing 5 items of clothing to throw out or give away. I chose 6. Wooohooo! Right?

I have mountains more to tackle and I’m motivated.

And today I go fabric shopping with the adorable and delicious Cherry Typhoon, so I can start my first real sewing project since grade 8 home-ec class, where I made an off the shoulder sweat-shirt-tube-dress. Awwww yeah.

So excited.

Oh, and also, guess what the new apartment has!

I’ll give you a hint…

Did you hear me squeal just now?


Next up, a biiiiiiiiiiig deep breath, and then, my mom‘s show in Boston coming up in May. Songs to learn, practice and choreograph. Travel plans to make.

Happy Jen.

Jennifer June

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